The Disability Community Project (DCP) is a trans & gender non-conforming (TGNC), immigrant-led effort that seeks to break the isolation and address the marginalization of disabled/ill/sick community members.

We work to locate, empower, and uplift disability vibrancy, brilliance and leadership within TGNC & LGBTQ communities . We simultaneously are committed to supporting the self- determination and personhood of all disabled folk irrespective of gender or seuality identity.

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We provide one-on-one mentorship for folks with disabilities who want a more individual and structured pathway of support,  in order fully and comfortably enter a group hangout setting.

We host peer-led hang out spaces for disabled folks who are LGBTQ and/or TGNC that are accessible, LGBTQ centered and participatory. Hangout spaces provide a means to break isolation, create opportunities to connect with other disabled LGBTQ folks, and the space to talk about the nuts and bolts, complexities and messy glory of our lives! We share skills, resources, and build our knowledge of disability history and  culture.

Hang out spaces provide a way to  explore our  individual connection to disability rights and justice movements. These peer-led, cross disability spaces provide a way to learn from and show up for each other and the multitude of communities we come from. Hangout group participants go to events, watch movies, chat, and simply get to be together in LGBTQ & TGNC disability community.


Introductory, intermediate, and advanced level workshops, trainings and capacity building services with topic areas including but not limited to :

  • Disability-specific, T/GNC and/or LGBTQ competency and best practices
  • “Beyond ramps", Anti-Ableism, Disability Justice, and Racial Justice
  • “We Are Ourselves, Enough", engendering body autonomy, personhood, and self esteem for children and youth with disabilities
  • “Invalid Survivors, Incredible Witness", serving disabled survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence
  • “What’s disability got to do with it?": access, ableism and the LGBTQ community
  • “Borders on our bodies”: disability, LGBTQ and immigrant TGNC lives .
  • “Got  class?”: building effective cross-class capacity and collaborations.
  • Reproductive justice for LGBTQ & TGNC  people with disabilities

Audiences for these trainings, workshops, and services include: 

  • disability direct-service providers & residential settings
  • local/state/regional/national/international conferences
  • family members, guardianship organizations
  • advocacy groups & service providers
    • LGBTQ & TGNC community organizing
    • GSA organizations & other youth-led groups
    • anti-violence programs & services
  • funders & philanthropic organizations