Albuquerque, NM – September 28, 2016 – Equality New Mexico (EQNM), the state’s leading LGBTQ advocacy organization, has announced plans for southern New Mexico program expansion and utilizing remote co-working spaces across the state to increase budget efficiency and work within communities. Included in these changes, the EQNM Board of Directors recently approved measures to vacate current office space—625 Silver Ave SW Ste 310, Albuquerque, NM—in favor of allowing staff to work remotely across the state. On September 30th, EQNM will vacate the Silver Avenue office space, but staff will remain active statewide and the office in Las Cruces—located at 1065 S Main St Bldg D Ste B, Las Cruces, NM—will remain open.

“We’re excited for our new venture that better supports existing operations and the way we want to continue improving equity, access, and quality of life for LGBTQ New Mexicans,” said EQNM Executive Director, Amber Royster. “The majority of our work occurs outside of an office space, providing education and resources, advancing policy initiatives, and advocating for LGBTQ people in communities throughout the state. This move affords us the opportunity to be more present and visible the communities we serve, without deflating our budget to pay for unnecessary office space.”

In addition to increasing visibility in communities across the state, EQNM staff members will ensure vital funding for the fiscal year 2017 budget goes to programs and education rather than an Albuquerque office location by utilizing co-working spaces in the Santa Fe and Albuquerque areas.

“Our commitment with EQNM is to advance equity, foster full access, and attain sustainable wellness for LGBTQ New Mexicans,” said Paul Oostenbrug, Board Chair of EQNM Foundation. “To accomplish our mission, we are maximizing funding and putting our monetary resources where they belong—into the programs and services that positively impact New Mexico communities. Our donors and grantors believe in our mission, and we believe in making sure their investments go directly to the source of addressing issues LGBTQ people face in New Mexico.”

Equality New Mexico has also announced a new toll-free number, 1-855-LGBTQNM (542-8766), which will serve as the main phone number for Las Cruces office, as well as the number through which staff throughout the state can be reached. Their website——also provides ways to contact the organization, report incidences of discrimination, and request services such as referrals and trainings.

“Our work in southern New Mexico continues to expand,” said Myra Llerenas, EQNM Southern New Mexico Field Director. “We are implementing critical outreach and advocacy programs in Las Cruces and surrounding areas, and are focusing many of our organization’s efforts on the southern half of the state to increase support for and engagement of the LGBTQ community in the area. We’re thrilled to continue growing our work in southern New Mexico, and to see the positive changes that come from maximizing our budget for statewide programs.”

About EQNM: Equality New Mexico is the state’s oldest and largest LGBTQ advocacy organization, and is committed to uplifting the voices and leadership of our community in creating a reality of equity, full access, and sustainable wellness for LGBTQ New Mexicans.