Accepting Applications for Co-Director, Advocacy & Development

EQNM Executive Director Amber Royster, who will step down effective June 30, 2017.

EQNM Executive Director Amber Royster, who will step down effective June 30, 2017.

Albuquerque, NM – March 7, 2017 – Equality New Mexico—the state’s leading LGBTQ advocacy organization—has announced a new model for the organization’s leadership. In conjunction with the new leadership model, effective June 30th, Amber Royster will be stepping down as Executive Director to allow for a Co-Director structure.

"In my time with Equality New Mexico, I’ve been fortunate to work among the best and brightest in the state, and together we have achieved many milestones," said Amber Royster. "There is still a great deal of work to be done, and I am confident that the team at EQNM will not only continue the work in which we have been engaged, but will also continue the momentum forward and make incredible advancements for the equity of all New Mexicans. I wish them all the best as they move forward, and I am grateful to have had this opportunity to serve my home state."

Amber Royster has served as Executive Director of EQNM since 2013 and has worked diligently throughout New Mexico communities, empowering and uplifting voices in advocacy efforts for LGBTQ equality, women’s rights, immigrant rights, racial and economic justice, and more. 

"At EQNM, our infrastructure is strong, and our new model of leadership will allow for even greater accountability to LGBTQ communities in New Mexico," said Alma Rosa Silva Bañuelos, Chair of the EQNM Board of Directors. "We extend our gratitude to Amber for the incredible amount of work she has put into this organization. Her efforts are part of a lasting legacy at EQNM, and we will continue the growth of the organization by implementing the highest caliber of leaders in our new co-director model."

Equality New Mexico recently received national recognition for Board development and growth, and will carry forward that structure under the new leadership model, which will incorporate two new positions—Co-Director, Advocacy & Development and Co-Director, Programs & Outreach. Proposed by Royster in early 2016, and approved by the Board of Directors in February this year, this leadership model is structured to diversify leadership voices, as well as to increase attention to both the education and advocacy arms of EQNM. This model will also help alleviate burnout and isolation that is common among nonprofit Executive Directors.

"Our organization is second to none in terms of tenacity and foundational strength," said Paul Oostenbrug, Chair of the EQNM Foundation Board of Directors. "This new model will allow for the type of shared decision making and distribution of power that we firmly believe in at EQNM. We wish Amber the best in her future endeavors, and we are looking forward to continuing the work for a brighter future for all in New Mexico."

EQNM is now accepting applications for Co-Director, Advocacy & Development. Those interested should apply by visiting

About EQNM: Equality New Mexico is the state’s oldest and largest LGBTQ advocacy organization, and is committed to uplifting the voices and leadership of our community in creating a reality of equity, full access, and sustainable wellness for LGBTQ New Mexicans. Visit us online at

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