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The work of achieving full liberation for LGBTQ New Mexicans continues

SANTA FE, N.M.: This year, because of the diligent work of Equality New Mexico (EQNM), our state has joined the highest category in the State Equality Index (SEI). The SEI is a comprehensive report detailing statewide laws and policies that affect LGBTQ+ people and their families, and assessing how well states are protecting LGBTQ people from discrimination.

EQNM is celebrating 25 years of winning equality for New Mexico and being placed in the Working Toward Innovative Equality category of this report is an acknowledgement of our work. The SEI outlines the protections we have won, including a comprehensive non-discrimination law, safe schools laws, and healthcare access for transgender people. EQNM proudly continues to take a wide view of our mission, and uses a surgical approach to focusing on the implementation of laws and advancing innovative legislation that addresses the needs of vulnerable populations.

“The State Equality Index confirms what New Mexicans already know. Because of the passionate work led by generations of community members, this year the SEI categorizes our state as ‘Working Toward Innovative Equality’,” says Adrian N. Carver, Executive Director of Equality New Mexico. “We are proud to join the ranks of states who are leading the next phase of the LGBTQ+ movement, centering our work from our state’s cultural values of equity, inclusion, and liberation.”




Equality New Mexico Announces Endorsements of Maggie Toulouse Oliver for Secretary of State and Stephanie Garcia Richard for Commissioner of Public Lands

SGR4Land Commissioner.png

ALBUQUERQUE, NM: Proudly, Equality New Mexico has endorsed Maggie Toulouse Oliver for Secretary of State and Stephanie Garcia Richard for Commissioner of Public Lands.

Toulouse Oliver has been instrumental in securing rights for the LGBTQ+ community. Knowing the road to marriage equality in New Mexico led through the courts, she invited the lawsuit filed by Kim Kiel and Rose Griego, et. al. that culminated in the Supreme Court’s 2013 “Griego v. Oliver”, ruling that marriage equality should be the law of the land in our state. 

“Maggie has proven herself to be one of the biggest allies of LGBTQ+ New Mexicans, time after time.” says Adrian N. Carver, Executive Director of Equality New Mexico (EQNM). “Because of Maggie, regardless of what happens at the federal level, LGBTQ+ New Mexicans will have the right to marry the person they love. She’s consistently leveraged her offices to secure tangible wins for our community and as EQNM continues to fight for voting rights for all New Mexicans, we need Maggie Toulouse Oliver to continue to be our Secretary of State.”

In a questionnaire turned into EQNM, Toulouse Oliver states, “I am running for Secretary of State because I believe that the more people participate in democracy, the more representative their government—and the policies it creates—are of all communities. As Secretary of State, I have worked to make it easier for everyone to register to vote, for people with disabilities to cast a ballot and for working people to be able to vote at times and places that make sense for their schedule. When everyone votes, everyone’s voices are heard. That’s how we affect real change. “

Representative Stephanie Garcia Richard, running to be the next Commissioner of Public Lands, an office traditionally held by men, also received the endorsement of EQNM.

Of Representative Garcia Richard’s nomination, Carver says, “In a state with incredible disparities in education, health, and economic opportunity the State Land Office has gone underutilized in efforts to achieve justice in those areas. EQNM’s endorsement of Stephanie is a signal that we need a new type of leader as Land Commissioner. LGBTQ+ New Mexicans need someone who can leverage the mandate of the Office to focus on the wellbeing of all our community members.”

Representative Garcia Richard’s questionnaire states, “For over 100 years, and even before that, our land has been rich in shared natural resources and we have not realized the full benefit of those resources.  We have sold off our interests to short term profit gain, making due with the piddling we get from those sales, protecting powerful interests, lobbyists and industries at the expense of our people and their welfare.  Now, we face an increasingly grim climate reality, health concerns, water scarcity, and a population that faces obstacles to healthcare access, quality education, economic opportunity; a population that faces generational poverty, addiction and cyclical violence and sees no one willing to stick up for them.  I’m running to change all that.




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Equality New Mexico Announces Endorsements of Deb Haaland, Xochitl Torres Small; Incumbents Heinrich, Lujan 

ALBUQUERQUE, NM: In a first round of political endorsements for the 2018 election, Equality New Mexico, the largest LGBTQ political advocacy organization in the state, announced its support of Congressional candidates Deb Haaland (NM-1) and Xochitl Torres Small (NM-2), ), along with incumbent U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich and Congressman and DCCC Chair Ben Ray Lujan. (NM-3).

Haaland is running for the open Albuquerque area Congressional seat being vacated by Gubernatorial candidate Michelle Lujan Grisham, and if elected, would be the first Native American woman to serve in Congress. 

Of Haaland's endorsement, Executive Director Adrian N. Carver said, "Deb Haaland has exhibited the ability to run a winning campaign in the primary and into the general election. In a crowded field, she maintained a clear advantage in our community survey because she has long advocated for the self-determination of LGBTQ+ New Mexicans. Aside from directly aligning on our issues, Deb has demonstrated an ability to raise the money necessary to win and out-organized her opponents to win the Democratic Party's State Convention. Not only can she win this race, but Native American women deserve representation and a seat at the table in Washington. We look forward to Deb breaking that ceiling and leaving the ladder down for future generations of Native women."  

Torres Small is running for the sprawling open Congressional District 3 seat in the Southern part of New Mexico. 

Carver said, "The vacancy created by Steve Pearce's run for Governor creates a unique opportunity in Congressional District 2. We must assure all New Mexicans are represented in Congress by people who support their families and want to see them thrive. I'm confident that 2018 is a year that Xochitl will replace Steve Pearce’s hateful rhetoric and deliver the representation LGBTQ New Mexicans in District 2 deserve.”

"While we have two open congressional seats, ready for new voices, we count Sen Heinrich and Ben Ray Lujan as steadfast allies and among the strongest advocates for LGBTQ+ New Mexicans.”, says Carver, “Equality New Mexico has endorsed them both before and we’re proud to endorse both incumbents again.”

The endorsed candidates in contested primaries released the following statements: 

Xochitl Torres Small: "Equality New Mexico has been an amazing advocate for the LGBTQ community in New Mexico," said Torres Small. "Having partnered with EQNM while working at the UNM School of Law Clinic, I saw firsthand their commitment to ensuring that all New Mexican's civil liberties and rights were protected.  I am honored to have their endorsement, and look forward to continuing to work with them through the campaign and beyond."

Deb Haaland: "This endorsement is very personal for me, I've worked with EQNM for a very long time, and I’ll continue to work extremely hard to win this primary so I can champion equal rights for all and protection from all discrimination. In this Trump era, when too many people face increasingly hateful violence, we can't turn our backs for even a moment -- because if we do, Trump will continue to strip away the rights of our LGBTQ family. In Congress, I’ll stand up to Trump and his exclusion of transgender members in our military and I'll fight to make sure Title 9 protects everyone. It’s time that Congress works to truly address the oppression of our marginalized communities.”




An open letter to our Members and supporters

An open letter to our Members and supporters

Dear EQNM Members and Supporters,

Times of transition are opportunities to make organizational shifts and be innovative. The boards of Equality New Mexico, 501(c)4 and the Equality New Mexico Foundation, 501(c)3 are proud of the growth and development of our work over the years. We continue to be excited for the refinement of our statewide role in intersectional community-based movements, outreach, education, and policy development. When faced with identifying new leadership for the organization, we took the opportunity to think about how we could be ground-breaking in creating an organizational model that would reflect our commitment to shared decision-making and distribution of power.

The challenge with making organizational shifts is that it can be hard to predict barriers to successful outcomes. For personal reasons Ophelia Hu Kinney has chosen not to begin her role as Co-Director of Programs & Outreach at EQNM. We ask that you respect her privacy in reaching this decision and direct any questions about this change to the board. We know that Ophelia will continue to be a leader in her community and we wish her well in her future endeavors.

Adrian orange wall.png

We originally hired Adrian N. Carver as Co-Director, Policy & Development because we were excited about his deep history in NM, statewide relationships, and the innovative ideas he presented to grow EQNM. Adrian is passionate about our communities and has devoted his life to advocating for all New Mexicans to be able to live with dignity, joy, and opportunity. We fully support his leadership and are excited to announce that we have named him Executive Director of Equality New Mexico and the Equality New Mexico Foundation, effective July 9th, 2017.

EQNM will continue to have bold ideas and vision as our work expands and grows statewide. We remain dedicated to our mission and vision while having an organizational structure that will sustain our statewide work and relations.  We have not given up on innovative leadership models and as we move forward, we commit to staying true to the values that led us toward the decision to make an infrastructure shift. We are prepared to work toward an organizational structure that will sustain our work, all of our staff, members, and community members. We remain committed to the values that drove us to select a co-directorship model and we are committed to finding ways to actualize those values within our existing structure.

Our intersectional movement is constantly changing, learning and expanding--which is why we must sustain and resist the institutional and societal actions designed to oppress us. We must be able to adapt to the needs of the community, and as board members, we believe that this change in direction is how we can best use our current capacity to continue uplifting the stories of New Mexicans and continue to fight for justice.

As such, we are happy to re-introduce you to Adrian N. Carver, Executive Director of Equality New Mexico and the Equality New Mexico Foundation. We are incredibly excited for his leadership and innovation. Please direct any questions you might have about this change to


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The Equality New Mexico and Equality New Mexico Foundation Boards


EQNM Albuquerque Public School Board of Education Picks

Equality starts at home - in our neighborhoods, communities, and schools. 

On Tuesday, February 7th, four Albuquerque Public School Board of Education seats will be elected. Albuquerque is not only the largest school district in our state, but is also the 31st largest in the country. Your decision to vote could mean the difference between a Board that promotes fairness and access for all students, and one that promotes a pro-Trump, pro-tea party agenda. 

Early voting is happening now through February 4th - click here to find your nearest early voting location. If you can't make it early, please book the time in your schedule now for February 7th.

Nothing is more contradictory to New Mexico values of fairness, equality, and family than school board members who place their personal politics and beliefs over the access, safety, and wellbeing of all students - especially the most marginalized. Help us make sure we elect the best APS Board of Education possible.

Where to Vote & More Candidate Information

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