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EQNM Albuquerque Public School Board of Education Picks

Equality starts at home - in our neighborhoods, communities, and schools. 

On Tuesday, February 7th, four Albuquerque Public School Board of Education seats will be elected. Albuquerque is not only the largest school district in our state, but is also the 31st largest in the country. Your decision to vote could mean the difference between a Board that promotes fairness and access for all students, and one that promotes a pro-Trump, pro-tea party agenda. 

Early voting is happening now through February 4th - click here to find your nearest early voting location. If you can't make it early, please book the time in your schedule now for February 7th.

Nothing is more contradictory to New Mexico values of fairness, equality, and family than school board members who place their personal politics and beliefs over the access, safety, and wellbeing of all students - especially the most marginalized. Help us make sure we elect the best APS Board of Education possible.

Where to Vote & More Candidate Information

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