Our Programs

Our Programs


Our Programs

Our Programs

EQNM develops and implements a variety of advocacy campaigns and outreach and education programs to create a supportive environment for systemic change.

With a strong commitment to racial, gender, and disability justice, we seek to demonstrate to our base and community the importance of cross-sector movement building to increase equity, full access, and sustainable wellness for LGBTQ New Mexicans.






NEW! 2017 Legislative Agenda

SB 121: Protect NM Kids Act (Prohibiting Conversion Therapy)
Sponsor: Sen. Jacob Candelaria

What it Does | Read the Legislation | Sign the Petition

SB 120: Vital Record Sex Designation (Birth Certificate gender marker changes without surgery)
Sponsor: Sen. Jacob Candelaria

What it Does | Read the Legislation

SB 115: Safe Schools for All Students Act
Sponsor: Sen. Bill Soules

What it Does | Read the Legislation | Sign the Petition

Policy Advocacy

We lobby officials and leaders at state and local levels for policy changes that improve the lives of LGBTQ New Mexicans.

Equality Scorecards

We hold accountable those who seek elected office through scorecards on issues of importance to LGBTQ New Mexicans.

Laws & Regulations

*NEW! New Mexico LGBTQ Family Law Guide

We work to ensure LBGTQ New Mexicans are aware of current state laws, their rights, and how to defend them.

Elections & Endorsements

We participate in elections through Get-Out-the-Vote (GOTV) activities, issue advocacy, and endorsing progressive and fair-minded candidates.

Seeking an elected office and our endorsement? Complete the inquiry form and we will be in touch with you.

Recent Policy Achievements

  • Albuquerque Public Schools Trans Student Protections (March 2016)
  • Santa Fe Public Schools Trans Student Protections (March 2016)
  • Las Cruces Public Schools Safe Zones Program (May 2016)
    • Religious Refusals - DEFEATED
    • Teen Curfews - DEFEATED
    • Bullying Prevention Appropriation - Passed House Education
    • Adding Police Officers to Hate Crimes Act - DEFEATED
    • Drivers Licences for Undocumented Immigrants (compromise bill) - PASSED & SIGNED
    • Multiple Bills to Restrict Abortion Access - DEFEATED
    • Safe Schools for All Students Act - Passed Senate Education
    • Carlos Vigil Memorial Act (Bullying Prevention Fund) - PASSED & SIGNED
    • Senate Memorial on Coversion Therapy - PASSED

Current Policy Initiatives

  • ABQ Healthy Workforce Campaign for Paid Sick Leave (underway)
  • City of Santa Fe Bathroom Ordinance Compliance (underway)
  • Affordable Care Act Section 1557 Compliance (underway)
  • Federal Trans Student Protections Compliance (2016-2017)
  • NM Safe Schools for All Students Act (reintroduction in 2017)
  • Bullying Prevention Appropriation (reintroduction in 2017)
  • Statewide Ban on Coversion Therapy (new in 2017)
  • Remove Surgery Requirement for Gender Marker Changes on Birth Certificates (new in 2017)
  • Remove Requirement to Publicize Name Changes (new in 2017)


State Nondiscrimination and Hate Crimes laws were passed in 2003, protecting on the basis of both sexual orientation and gender identity. However, we know that 'legal' equality does not always translate to 'lived' equality. As such, we work against efforts to undermine existing protections for LGBTQ New Mexicans, educate on fair treatment, and continue to be a resource for addressing discrimination throughout the state.

Marriage Equality

In December 2013, the New Mexico Supreme Court ruled that same-gender couples in New Mexico have the right to marry. In June 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in support of nationwide marriage equality.

New Mexico Safe Schools Initiative

Safe Schools Initiative

Sign the Safe Schools Petition

New Mexico Safe Schools Initiative

Safe Schools Initiative

Sign the Safe Schools Petition

Recent data shows that over 50,000 incidents of bullying and harassment in New Mexico schools go unreported every year.

That is why, with multi-year funding from the State Equality Fund and Santa Fe Community Foundation's Envision Fund, EQNM Foundation and partners are leading a three-year initiative to help make New Mexico's public schools safer and more beneficial for all students, particularly for those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and gender nonconforming.

Goals of the Initiative

  • Create a greater understanding of Safe Schools practices and culture through education and outreach.
  • Build momentum for statewide, systemic changes in how we approach bullying (violence) prevention in the schools.
  • Adopt and implement model transgender and gender nonconforming student policy statewide.
  • Provide model policy development and implementation support for New Mexico's public schools.

Prevention Starts with Education

Through the collaboration of the organizations a part of the New Mexico Safe Schools Initiative, we are able to facilitate trainings, workshops, panels, and presentations in LGBTQ cultural competency, bullying prevention and safe schools, transgender student protections, suicide prevention, GSA club development, Safe Zones, and more. Check out what we can offer →

I AM ME: Understanding the Intersections of Gender, Sexuality & Identity

An educational training film that explores the challenges that our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, etc. (LGBTQ+) young people face, and how adults can be supportive allies. More information →

Other Resources